Tuesday, April 19, 2011

more Module 9 - GPS - Recreation Grade Lab


'Recreation grade' GPS receivers provide accurate data collection tools for a fraction of the cost of 'Professional grade' GPS tools. We will look at several Garmin GPS receivers during this class. There are many other manufacturers of recreation grade GPS units like Magellan that have similar functionality but we will stick to Garmins since that is what we have a school.

  1. Describe the GPX format
  2. Utilize the main pages on a 'recreation' grade GPS unit (one of the school Garmins or your own)
    • Satellite page
    • Map page
    • Compass page
    • Main menu
  3. Define waypoint
  4. Define track
  5. Modify GPS settings through setup menu
    • Set coordinate system
    • Activate WAAS
  6. Create waypoints
  7. Save tracks
  8. View map
  9. View satellites
  10. Navigate to waypoint
  11. Connect to GPS using several FREE utitities
  12. Utilize GPSUtility and Garmin MapSource to transfer GPS data to desktop computer
  13. Display GPS data in Google Earth and ArcMap



Recreation-grade GPS assignment

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