Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Test 2 Review

Test 2 Review
  1. Describe in detail the 3 types of geodatabases
  2. Describe the geodatabase and it's major components
  3. What is SDE?
  4. Define domains. Describe both types and what fields they may be applied to.
  5. Describe subtypes. Why use them?
  6. What is a relationship class and what differentiates them from build relationships between tables in ArcMap.
  7. Compare and contrast raster datasets and raster catalogs.
  8. What is a feature class?
  9. What is an object class?
  10. What is a feature dataset? Describe 2 reasons we may use them.
  11. What is topology, in general?
  12. Why is topology important?
  13. Compare and contrast map topology and geodatabase topology. IN DEPTH
  14. Describe coincidence and clucster tolerance.
  15. Explain how topology helps with analysis and data integrit.
  16. Define ranks in a topology
  17. Describe several topology rules
  18. Describe topology validation
  19. List several types of topology errors.
  20. Describe the steps to designing a geodatabase
  21. Describe why geodatabase design is important
  22. How can existing data models help your design?

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